Here is a complete list of the # and title of each episode in The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin.  Contributors to the website have conducted reviews of some of their favorite episodes - the episode title will link to a review if one's available.

The Treasure Of Grundo (1)
Beware of the Mudblups (2)
Guests of the Grunges (3)
In the Fortress of the Wizard (4)
Escape from the Treacherous Mountain (5)
Take a Good Look (6)
Grubby's Romance (7)
Tweeg's Mom (8)
The Surf Grunges (9)
The New M.A.V.O. Member (10)
The Faded Fobs (11)
The Medicine Wagon (12)
Tweeg Gets the Tweezles (13)
The Lemonade Stand (14)
The Rainbow Mine (15)
The Wooly What's-It (16)
Sign of a Friend (17)
One More Spot (18)
Elves and Woodsprites (19)
Grundo Graduation (20)
Double Grubby (21)
King Nogburt's Castle (22)
The Day Teddy Met Grubby (23)
Secret of the Illiops (24)
Through Tweeg's Fingers (25)
Uncle Grubby (26)
The Crystal Book (27)
Teddy and the Mudblups (28)
Win One for the Twipper (29)
Tweeg Joins M.A.V.O. (30)
The Mushroom Forest (31)
Anything in the Soup (32)
Captured (33)
To the Rescue (34)
Escape from M.A.V.O. (35)
Leekee Lake (36)
The Third Crystal (37)
Up for Air (38)
The Black Box (39)
The Hard to Find City (40)
Octopede Sailors (41)
Tweeg the Vegetable (42)
Wizardland (43)
The Ying Zoo (44)
The Big Escape (45)
Teddy Ruxpin's Birthday (46)
Wizardweek (47)
Air and Water Races (48)
The Great Grundo Ground Race (49)
A Race to the Finish (50)
Autumn Adventure (51)
Gimmick's Gizmos and Gadgets (52)
Harvest Feast (53)
Wooly and the Giant Snowzos (54)
Winter Adventure (55)
Teddy's Quest (56)
Thin Ice (57)
Fugitives (58)
Musical Oppressors (59)
M.A.V.O. Costume Ball (60)
Father's Day (61)
The Journey Home (62)
On the Beaches (63)
L.B.'s Wedding (64)
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