The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin - Episode Guide- "Wizardweek"
By Teddy Ruxpin Online Contributor  Kayla TheHedgeHog

Overall Rating 5/6

The episode opens at the Fortress of the Wizard, where the Wizard is playing with a paddleball.  Louie comes in just as the ball's string snaps.  As it turns out, the Wizard is still depressed about the failure of Wizardworld.  Louie suggests throwing a party, but the Wizard shoots the idea down.  After a moment of inspiration, he decides to hold a festival to celebrate all of the Grundo's wizards, namely him.  Unsurprisingly, he decides it's a perfect opportunity to recoup the funds he lost on Wizardworld.  He then sets Louie to writing an article about it for the Grundo Gazette.

We then cut to Gimmick's house, where the Trio are reading the article.  We find out that there will be a few sporting event along with three races: an air race, a water race, and a land race.  Grubby suggests the three enter as a team, and both Gimmick and Teddy agree.  LB, who's been lurking near the doorway overhears the conversation and decides to inform Tweeg about the competition.

At Tweeg's tower, LB bursts in and his shout startles Tweeg.  He drops a glass flask and test tube on the floor, shattering them.  LB informs him about Wizardweek, and Tweeg promptly tells him that he couldn't care less about it.  After LB comments that Gimmick is entering, he quickly changes his mind.

Tweeg:  *after getting hit by a copy of the Grundo Gazette*  Why can't you hand things to people like everyone else?
LB:  'Cause I ain't got hands.
Tweeg:  You always have an excuse, don't you?

Tweeg:  ...I could win that prize easily.
LB:  I dunno, Tweek.  That Gimmick guy is pretty smart.
Tweeg:  Smart?  Hah!  I'll show you smart.
LB:  There's a first time for everything.

Tweeg then gives LB a letter to take to Gimmick.

In the letter, Tweeg offers a challenge to the Trio, with the loser leaving the valley forever.  After hearing a few well placed insults to his pride, Gimmick angrily accepts Tweeg's challenge.

Gimmick:  *to LB*  You tell your boss that I accept his challenge!
Grubby: And tell 'im to pack his bags.
LB:  Whatever you say, Limrick.
Gimmick:  That's Gimmick!  Newton Gimmick!

We're then treated to a montage of Louie putting up banners, along with various teams preparing for the competition.

Meanwhile, Gimmick is still fuming over Tweeg's insults, causing him to shout at Teddy and Grubby and to hurt himself.  After a small lecture from Teddy about patience, he finally calms down.

The next day, the competition begin.  People from all over Grundo are in the stands waiting for the races to begin.  The crowd is treated to a parade of the competing teams.  Competing along with the Trio and Tweeg are Wooly along with a group of Fobs, a group of Grunges, Leota and a group of woodsprites and elves, Prince Arin along with Princess Aruzia and Ol' Beanly, and Elanore.

Tweeg:  Hear that, mummy?  They hate me!  Well deserved respect for a great villain.
LB:  Too bad there ain't one here.

Soon after, Louie rolls up with a huge box, containing what everyone believes to be the mystery prize.

Song:  "When We See That Wonderful Prize"

Louie asks the Wizard what the prize is and is shocked when he tells him that it's nothing.  The Wizard reassures Louie that he'll think of something eventually.  He then kicks off the celebration.

The games start out with a three-legged race.  Amusingly, Grubby is able to compete by himself.  Tweeg attempts to cheat by putting hot foot powder in the other competitors' shoes.  As usual, it backfires horribly.  LB and Buffy, who are competing as a duo, fail miserably at the race, and Grubby and a duo of Fobs rush past the finish line and into a pond.

The next event is the high-jump.  After demanding that the bar be put up at its maximum height, Tweeg sticks a balloon in LB's mouth so he can float over the bar.  When he bites the balloon to come back down, he goes flying and gets stuck in the Wizard's chair.

Next is an obstacle course.  Once again, Tweeg tries numerous attempts to cheat, but they all fail spectacularly.  Even attempts by Elanore and LB flop.

And so, Day 1 of Wizardweek comes to a close.



This episode kicks off the four part Wizardweek arc, and it starts with a bang.

Humor and hijinks are rampant in the this episode.  Tweeg and his cohorts' attempts at cheating are nothing short of hilarious, and Gimmick's reaction to Tweeg's taunting is amusing in its own right.  It sets the humorous tone of the arc perfectly, and nicely sets up the races of the upcoming episodes.

If you like humor, this is a must-see episode.




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