The World of Teddy Ruxpin*
was originally dreamed as a puppet show. 
Creator Ken Forsse planned to build elaborate stages with unique designs and an epic story.  
Over the course of two decades of development,
Ken's imagination, ingenuity, hard work and a knack for surrounding himself with other talented people intervened. Teddy never ended up being revolutionary for puppetry, instead he was a revolution in a category he created.

Teddy's world of stories have been told in a variety of ways, Television and Print among them - but a friend for life first introduced himself to the world in 1985, as it's first
Animated Talking Toy. 

Teddy had a friend list numbering in the tens of millions by the end of 1986, and a multitude of other licesned products were sold throughout the 80's and early 90s.

Mismanagement at Teddy's original manufacturer and economic conditions around the 1987 stock market crash led to an early hibernation. Teddy was a dream interrupted...... but as he is famously quoted as saying,
If a Dream's a Good One, Someday It Might Come True (again)

After other adventures with a series of manufacturers through the 90's and 2000's, Teddy is again back in 2017 with Wicked Cool Toys.  We're featuring the new version in a special review coming soon. 

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