The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin - Episode Guide- "Air And Water Races"
By Teddy Ruxpin Online Contributor Kayla TheHedgeHog

Overall Rating- 5/6

We now enter Day 2 of the Wizardweek competitions.  Things kick off with Tweeg sewing the other competitors in their sleeping bags, preventing them from making it to the first event of the day.  The event?  Synchronized swimming.

Louie:  Yeah!  And I want the whole spectacle on film.  The thrill of agony!  The defeat of victory!  *camera focuses on Tweeg*  And the triumph of stupidity.

We are then treated to Tweeg and a group of Bounders performing a synchronized swimming program that has to be seen to be believed.

Meanwhile, everyone else has awakened and are struggling to get out of their sleeping bags.  After a few moments of playing bumper cars with their bags, a Fob pops out of one of them.  He frees the rest of the Fobs, who then proceed to free everyone else.  The group arrives just as Tweeg is being presented with the first, second, and third place medals.  Only an announcement by the Wizard stops the rightfully angered crowd from jumping him.

Next on the agenda is the water race.  Tweeg immediately takes out Arin and Aruzia with a drill hidden in his boat.  The Grunges are the next to be taken out, but they don't seem too upset about it.  Tweeg's next target is the Airship.

He rams the Airship, knocking a portion of the mast loose.  The mast hits a modified motor engine that Gimmick had set up, causing it to fall into the water.  This actually ends up being a good thing for the Trio, as the Airship speeds up and barrels ahead.  The resulting wave not only sinks Tweeg, but it also propels the Fobs and the elf-woodsprite team right to the finish line.  As the Wizard is announcign the air race, the baby Fobs from "Uncle Grubby" decide to swim out into the lake.

Not too long afterwards, Faye Fob realizes that her children are missing.  Frank reassures her that they're probably just off playing.  The baby Fobs, now tired of swimming, start to get scared and cry for help.  The Trio overhear their cries as they're flying over the lake.  Grubby volunteers to rescue them and dives off the Airship.  He grabs them up and swims them back to shore.

Song:  "Be Careful in the Water"

The air race then begins.  While Teddy is keeping tabs on the other racers, Gimmick briefly wonders how Ol' Beanly is doing.  Right on cue, the illiper in question zooms by and accidentally bounces off the Airship's balloon.  More aerial hijinks ensue.

Song:  "Let's Sail Away Today"

At the end of the race, Leota takes first place, the Trio second, and the Grunges third.  While crossing the finish line, Ol' Beanly's plane flips upside down, hurling him towards the ground.  Only Teddy's quick thinking saves him from becoming an illiper pancake.  And thus, day 2 of Wizardweek comes to a close.

"Wizardweek" set up the humorous theme of this arc, and "Air and Water Races" continues the theme with a vengeance.

Surprisingly, Tweeg is actually successful in keeping the other competitors from getting to the first event in time.  Unfortunately for him, it's the only break he catches in this episode.

His hijinks throughout the episode are nothing short of hilarious.  From his somewhat disturbing synchronized swimming routine to his method of competing in the air race, Tweeg easily steals this episode.

Ol' Beanly takes a close second, though.  The poor illiper has absolutely no clue what's going on throughout the air race.  Not only does he go the wrong way at the start, but he also unwittingly gets into several dogfights with the Airship.  To top it all off, he almost flattens himself when he falls out of his airplane.  If Tweeg takes first place for the episode, Ol' Beanly definitely takes second.

Getting away from the humor for a moment, the moment when Grubby ignores his fear of water and voluntarily jumps in the lake and saves the baby Fobs is adorable.  He teaches the valuable lesson that one can do great things, even if they are afraid.

Ultimately, fans of both Tweeg and Ol' Beanly will love this episode.  Also, those who love humor will also enjoy it.





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