The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin - Episode Guide- "Captured"
By Teddy Ruxpin Online Contributor Vincent Conroy

Overall Rating- 6/6

Having rescued the Anythings from being ingredients in the Grunges' gumbo, the Trio enjoy a Grunge party in their honor.  Trina suggests a change in image for their guests and decks them out in Grunge clothing like vests and shorts.  Teddy is careful not to leave behind the Crystal Belt, just to be safe.

The Anythings use their powers to put on a show for the Grunges, and the Trio head out in the Airship to return the Anythings to the Mushroom Forest.

The Airship sails through a thick batch of clouds on and Teddy hears a strange noise, as though the Airship isn't working properly.  Gimmick notes that the sound isn't coming from the Airship, and Grubby suspects it's a Gutang attack.  He prepares to make a batch of Root Stew.  Teddy says it's not Gutangs as the Eclipse emerges from the mist.

Tweeg is overjoyed at a chance to prove himself to Quellor, but picks a fight with Bognostroclum when the latter insists that Tweeg swab the deck.  Quellor breaks up the quarrel and Tweeg offers to lure the Airship and the Crystals into Quellor's clutches.  Tweeg invites the Trio over for a "tea party", which Teddy refuses.

The Anythings suggest they try to trick M.A.V.O., so the Airship closes and changes course just before it gets in range of the Eclipse.  Losing his patience, Quellor assumes command and orders the Eclipse in hot pursuit.  Gimmick uses the heavy clouds as cover to backtrack, but one of the M.A.V.O. pirates sees them escape.  Meanwhile, Louie the reporter captures the entire sequence on film.

As the Eclipse closes, the pirates use a grappling hook to attach it to the Airship.  With no place to run, the Trio surrenders.  Quellor's men board the Ship. Teddy is thrown to the Eclipse and hides the Crystals in the gaping mouth of the face on the front of the M.A.V.O. ship.  Eventually the Airship is overrun and Gimmick and Grubby are brought aboard as well.

The Trio is brought before Quellor who demands they surrender the Crystals.  When Teddy says they don't have them the pirates search the Airship.  The Anythings spook the pirates into believing the Ship is haunted.  Quellor orders the Ship towed back to M.A.V.O. to be torn apart "board by board" in hopes of finding the crystals hidden on it.  With the pirates gone, the Anythings find a stray pirate sword to cut the tow line.

Meanwhile, the Trio continue to refuse to surrender the Crystals and Teddy is made to walk the plank.  When he's pushed off the edge, Grubby drops a rope over the ship for Teddy to grab onto.  Quellor orders his men to haul Teddy up, but Teddy manages to cling to the hull of the Eclipse.  When Teddy doesn’t come up with the rope, Grubby and Gimmick presume him to be dead.

Finally, the Anythings find a pair of binoculars.  As they peer over to the Eclipse they watch as Teddy slips off the side of the ship and plummets toward the valley below.


TEDDY:  Okay, Tweeg!  We'll be right over the party!  Pour our tea!

GRUBBY:  Yeah—uh--and I’d like an extra helping of cucumber sandwiches!

TWEEG:  Do we have extra cucumber sandwiches?

BOGNOSTROCLUM:  We're not really having a tea party, you dimwit!

TEDDY:  You can't put a price on the Crystals.  They represent riches of the spirit, and you want to use them for evil!


This is one of the most exciting episodes of the entire series.  It is essentially the climax of the first half of the show, as M.A.V.O. poses a very real and immediate threat to the Trio and the Crystals.  It is also the first time we deal with the possibility of a character’s death, bringing a darkness to the series that had not been there at the outset.  Finally, this episode kicks off the struggle between good and evil that would keep the series going until the very end.  Quellor will now pursue Teddy and the Crystals constantly for the remainder of the series.

This episode features a great lesson of loyalty and friendship.  Towards the end, Gimmick is almost willing to tell Quellor where the Crystals are if he will spare Teddy's life.  Teddy in turn, feels a great responsibility to the Crystals and to Grundo, allowing himself to be captured and punished for his goodness.





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