The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin - Episode Guide- "Beware Of The Mudblups"
By Teddy Ruxpin Online Webmaster Josh Isaacson

Overall Rating 4/6

The original 5 episodes of The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin were put together as a kind of test-pilot for the series, and were the only episodes to faithfully follow the general storyline of the original “Talking Toy” stories written by Ken Forsse.  These early episodes were literally one storyline broken up into five parts, which is the way Ken originally envisioned the series. It would follow this general pattern for the remainder of the 65 episodes, although the cohesion and pacing of the story was never quite as strong again in later blocks.

We open this episode with a “This is what happened last time…” flashback, which would also become rare in later episode blocks.  The very talented Phil Baron (Teddy) narrated these with a lot of intensity and seriousness, without losing the wholesome quality that made Teddy Ruxpin a very comforting figure for children.

The Airship, with the trio aboard, is rapidly descending for a crash…. Luckily, they land fairly safely with only, as Gimmick would probably say, eh, minor, eh, turbulence.


Teddy:  “I guess crossing our fingers worked!”
Grubby: “Yeah. Good thing you have me along!”

The Airship has landed in the Great Desert, and Teddy and Gimmick are discussing the geography when an earthquake begins shaking the area violently, splitting the ground and sending Grubby tumbling into it.  Gimmick and Teddy manage to pull Grubby back up just in time.  Gimmick discusses finding fuel for the Airship to get them on their way again.

Tweeg and LB are in possession of the real Treasure map and are on their way to find it, having given Gimmick the phony map that got them lost in the desert. LB is, of course, pushing the wagon, and “accidentally” pushes it down a very steep switchback with Tweeg aboard.

Gimmick locates a coal bed, with enough fuel available to fuel the Airship on the rest of the journey… only one problem- they have to dig it out. They start into the song "Dig".

Suddenly, the song is interrupted by what we will later find out are Mudblups. They capture the trio and take them to the Mudblup King, who promises much suffering punishment to the adventurers for “stealing” the coal.

The Mudblup King orders Grubby to work and Teddy and Gimmick into captivity.

In the cell, they meet Prince Arin, who was captured by the Mudblups while trying to rescue his sister Aruzia from the Gutangs.  Arin gives a grim diagnosis of the situation… he’s tried everything, and cannot escape… it looks as if they will be Mudblup prisoners forever.

While at work digging coal, Gimmick, Teddy and Arin find Louie, the Wizard’s flunkie, filming them. Suddenly the Mudblups rush to the scene and are blinded by the camera’s light. In the raucous, a Mudblup causes a mini-earthquake, sending rocks tumbling from the roof above, and an escape route presents itself.  Moments later, Teddy Gimmick and Arin are again free.  Gimmick has an idea to save Grubby, and they return to the Airship for supplies.

After several hours of walking, Gimmick cannot remember where the Airship is. Luckily, they happen upon it.

Gimmick rigs some homemade candles out of applesauce cans, and they return to the Mudblup cave, chasing away each creature when they come in contact with the light.

When they find Grubby, they discover he was the chef behind their earlier lunch… “Root Stew” which left much to be desired to the taste buds of all three, Arin in particular.  Grubby takes the remainder of the stew with him as the they make their escape.

Back on the Airship, the Trio announces they are abandoning their treasure hunt to help Arin find his sister.  Gimmick correctly surmises that people are much more important than treasure.  Arin is overcome at the show of solidarity and bear hugs Teddy and Gimmick.

Tweeg and LB are still in the same general geographic area, heading towards the Hard to Find City. 

Tweeg-  “LB, you’re right.. It’s not fair that I make you push this wagon all the time.”
LB- “Really?”
Tweeg- “Yeah, why don’t you try pulling it for awhile?”

Tweeg sees Gimmick flying the airship and figures now Gimmick is forming an Air Force, (In addition to the Army and Navy referenced in Episode 1) to come after his secret Gold recipe.  Meanwhile, Grubby is serving the remainder of the Stew on the Airship as a mid-flight snack… the three recipients promptly toss their helpings overboard, onto Tweeg’s head.


A good episode filling in between the origin and more climactic parts of the original storyline block.  As with Gimmick befriending Teddy and Grubby in the first episode, the trio welcoming Arin with open arms and discarding their treasure hunt to help save Aruzia shows us the quality of the characters’ character, and sets the overall tone of putting friendship and doing the right thing above all.  The LB/Tweeg relationship formula is cemented here and while it gets richer in later episodes, it’s outline is at perhaps it’s most boiled down, pure comedic element here.

The look and sound of the episode suffered from what was obviously a hurried production schedule. It is probably the worst episode in the series as far as the character’s visual continuity and picture quality.  Luckily things got better, but I would have loved Ken Forsse’s original storyline to have gotten the full quality treatment it deserved with these original episodes.  If the series were ever to be continued, I would suggest re-animating this and a few other episodes.




Tweeg getting what he
almost always deserves.


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