BackPack Toys Teddy Ruxpin (2006-2010)

In the Spring of 2005, I got a call from Ken Forsse, Teddy's creator. It was a call I had been waiting for and looking forward to for a long time. Teddy was coming back.

In mid 2006, BackPack Toys re-released Teddy Ruxpin. It was the first time in nearly a decade that Teddy had been available brand-new, and the first time since Worlds Of Wonder had ceased production that Teddy had been produced in the high quality the character and fans deserved.

"Teddy IV" used Mp3 cartridges instead of cassette tapes to animate the Illiop, and his eyes, fur and exteriors are also the highest quality. BackPack Toys' also re-designed the toy's controls, making him easier to use, less prone to damage, and much safer for small children than previous versions. In addition, Ken Forsse personally re-worked the original storybooks and art giving Teddy a more uniform look and clarifying the storyline throughout.

The BackPack Toys Teddy also helped to return the character to the national pop culture scene. He was featured in a national TV advertising campaign in 2006 and in 2007 and 2008 was the spokesbear for "Love Our Children USA" along with actor Cameron Mathison.

TeddyIV is also more eco-friendly than before, using smaller battiers with a longer battery life (AA) . This version also maintained the smaller size of the previous versions.... less appealing to the adults who remember the larger, perhaps a bit sturdier versions of our youth, but also much easier for the youth of today to play with and carry around. 

Teddy IV will probably also rival the WoW version in longevity, and will certainly be talking long after the Playskool and YES! versions have been silenced. Unfortunately, a long production run with additional products and promotion was not to be for TeddyIV, as BackPack Toys ceased promotions and tech support in 2009 and pulled their Teddy Ruxpin online advetising and website completely in 2010.  TeddyIV is no longer available from retailers, although as of 12/2010 TeddyRuxpin.com is now linked to Ty's Toy Box, which still has some of the software available.

I would reccomend buying TeddyIV for a child, as he is more durable and will be less prone to accidents. For an older kid at heart or a collector, I would still buy the original version- which is more easily repairable and will probably be around the longest out of any of the versions released.

So far, post-BackPack sales of TeddyIV (Ebay, other online auctions, etc.) have been scarce, meaning most of BackPack's customers were satisfied, although for those determined to get one there will certainly be units availble from time to time on Ebay for the remainder of this decade and probably into the next. 



A Closeup shot of the BackPack Toys
Teddy and Airship Software Package.


The new BackPack Toys Teddy Ruxpin
was named Toy Of The Year for 2006.



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