In the early Spring of 2005, I got a call I had been wishing for forever.... It was Ken Forsse, and he told me Teddy was coming back.   While we had all heard whispers of a return since Teddy had last left the scene in the late 90's, this one was for real. My excitement about his return was eclipsed only by the excitement of physically seeing the bear's new incarnation, a high quality production the character deserved for the first time since Worlds of Wonder's heyday. BackPack Toys really cares about Teddy, and has saw to it that he succeed. "Teddy IV" was named Toy of The Year" for Christmas 2006 and has enjoyed a 2 year and counting run on store shelves

http://teddyruxpin.tystoybox.com/ - Buy Teddy at Ty's Toy Box
Teddy is also available on Amazon.com and Target.com  

I have a review of the new Teddy Here

I would suggest getting the new Teddy for any fan. If you've got a working Worlds of Wonder doll, I would suggest buying a new Teddy for the longevity (he's likely to last even longer than the WoW versions have because of improved technology) the updated stories (Ken himself updated the stories with new artwork from Maggie Parr) the initial WoW stories were produced quickly because of the sudden emergence of Teddy on the scene, and sometimes the characters would look slightly different from book to book.  AlchemyII always put 100% effort into the storylines and because of that sometimes more than 1 book was being produced at a time, which meant different artists renditions of the characters would appear in different books. The new artwork by Maggie Parr as well as updated original artwork give the characters a seamless look, and Ken has clarified the first few stories by slightly re-editing them and adding some new voice work by Phil Baron.

If your WoW Teddy doesn't work, I would definitely suggest buying a new Teddy instead of, or in addition to, fixing your original WoW talker. While the WoW bears do have a ton of sentimental value,  eventually parts are going to dry up and WoW Teddy will become unrepairable. Even if substitute parts could be found, the audio cassette tapes most certainly have a shelf life and someday, unfortunately, the WoW bears will be silenced forever.  The new BackPack Teddy uses much more durable Mp3 cartridges.

If you own a Yes! Teddy, working or not, I would definitely suggest getting the new Teddy. He is not only more outwardly attractive, with improved 'fur' , but he also returns to his original look... tan tunic and maroon undershirt, rather than the red & yellow striped shirt Yes! produced. There are also more stories being released for the BackPack Teddy than there were for the Yes! bear, and BackPack's production quality is, unfortunately, worlds above the standard of the Yes! Teddy.

If you own no Teddy at all, now is a great time to be introduced to, or reintroduced to this wonderful character. Teddy is unlike anything else on the children's entertainment landscape... so much so that I am still a fan 22 years after receiving him in Christmas 1986.  Ken Forsse's innovation and imagination brought to life a friend for all ages, and there are members of every generation in Teddy's fan base. 

I genuinely hope you will consider purchasing a new Teddy for the benefit of the children in your life or the kid inside of you. You wont be disappointed !

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